Low- and high-density foam components

Available in a wide range of properties, VORANOL™ polyols assists automotive manufacturers to differentiate their products in terms of quality, aesthetics and comfort. Dow is the world's largest producer of polyols. VORANOL™ polyols allow an increased complexity of part design because of an excellent foam flow and better compression, compression-set properties than other low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission foam types, helping to improve foam shape memory after compression. VORANOL polyols also reduce VOC emissions from molded foams by as much as 50 percent, aiding in the reduction of windshield fogging, PVC staining and polycarbonate degradation.
Some of the VORANOL™ polyols have the amine catalyst directly built into them which allows foamers to skip a step in the manufacturing process, it streamline formulating costs and reduce the handling of catalysts. VORANOL™ polyols enable foam producers to use open or closed molds. A major use of VORANOL™ polyols is the use in flexible foam for seating systems.


  • Enable product quality, aesthetics and comfort differentiation
  • Allow increased complexity of part design
  • The versatility enables use for a broad range of semi-flexible molded foam applications
  • Consistent quality
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Low staining characteristics

Available Grades

  • VORANOL™ CP 4711
  • VORANOL™ CP 4702 
  • VORANOL™ CP 6001
  • VORANOL™ CP 1421
  • VORANOL™ CP 4711
  • VORANOL™ CP 3322