Flexible and integral polyurethane foams

SPECFLEX™ polyurethane foam systems are used in a broad range of applications requiring a plush, padded look and feel. All SPECFLEX systems are water blown, containing no CFCs or other known ozone-depleting substances. SPECFLEX products can be produced based on different blowing technologies and this will depend on the final application and the production specifications, as well as national and international laws and regulations. SPECFLEX™ polyurethane components are designed and tailored to meet the needs of automotive molders. These products are used widely in the automotive industry and applications include interiors for pillars, acoustical insulation, armrests, consoles, energy management, headrests ,seat cushioning, steering wheels; and a variety of instrument panel components such as air bag doors and knee bolsters.
Choose SPECFLEX when working on seating foam, hot and cold molding, NVH acoustic foams, low VOC emissions, low staining foams, low styrene content CPPs, and compliances to FMVSS 302 for horizontal burn.


  • Very wide product range
  • Specialist products for all automotive applications
  • Low staining characteristics
  • Low emissions

Available Systems:

  • SPECFLEX™ NC 701
  • SPECFLEX™ NC 700
  • SPECFLEX™ NC 630

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