Epoxy resin adhesives (EP)

We offer a extensive range of epoxy systems with a sheer strength of up to 40 Mpa as well as a peel resistance of up to 10 N/mm.
Epoxy adhesives are used for extra-strong bonding in nearly all industrial fields. These levels of strength can be further increased by the application of heat and can then demonstrate temperature resistance from –30° to +120° C.

  • 1-component
  • 2-component

1-component epoxy resin adhesives
Epoxy 1-component adhesives are heat curing and primarily used when high shear strength or high crash-resistance is required, as well as ease of working. In 1-component systems the resin and hardener lie side by side in the mixture. The hardener is non-soluble at room temperature and dissolves only when heat is applied, this will initiating the curing process. The clear advantage of those systems are simple application and good handling properties, as well as the fact that the operator does not have to perform the mixing and dose measurement.
Our 1-K epoxy resins possess excellent long term durability coupled with very high resistance to temperature change.

  • Araldite® 1-component epoxy structural adhesive systems
  • Betamate™ 1-component epoxy structural adhesive systems

2-component epoxy resin adhesives
Epoxy 2-component systems harden at both cold and warm temperatures. The application of heat can of course reduce the curing time. Heat will increase the interlocking density, therefore final strength tends to increase and stays at a higher level. In 2-component epoxy resin systems the working qualities of both components are adjusted to each other and are user-friendly. The exact dosage proportions are given exactly by the manufacturer and could not varied. The dosing, mixing and application could be done by hand or mechanically. It is easy applicable. The variable curing time and the continuously adjusted reactivity of the adhesive makes 2-component epoxy adhesives systems as excellent problem-solver where metals are used, so like in the transportation area or aircraft and construction section.

  • Araldite® 2-component epoxy resin adhesives
  • Araldite® 2000 2-component epoxy resin adhesives in cartridge
  • Epocast ® 2-component epoxy resin adhesives
  • Epibond ® 2-component epoxy resin adhesives
  • Betamate™ 2-component epoxy resin adhesives, crash stable