Bonding and sealing of external parts and interior rail vehicles

a) Structural adhesives for roof, floor and body parts and other components to be bond

Compared to welded and mechanical bonds the structural and semi-structural adhesives from the product portfolio offered by Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa optimize life, structural integrity as well as acoustic management in rail vehicle construction. Applications include doors, hood, lid hinges, engine compartment, instrument panels, roof trusses, longitudinal beams and other supporting components of rail vehicles.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Bonding of various materials
  • Ability of expansion and contraction of gaps
  • To improve the rigidity of the body
  • Reduction of vehicle weight
  • Streamlined production
  • Reduced production time




BETAMATE™ Epoxy structural adhesive, 1K (oven cure) and 2 K (room temperature cure)

  • Reduce fatigue and failure for welds and mechanical connections
  • Waterproofing and protection in corrosive environments
  • Less vibration by stiffening the entire vehicle structure, thereby also improved acoustics
  • Connection of different substrates


  • Roof, metal and floor bonding
  • Edge protection
  • Replacement and / or reinforcing of welds in the cabin, cockpit and roof sheets, reinforcement of beams and other supporting components in rail vehicles
  • Direct headliner bonding
  • Aftermarket

BETALINK™, Structural adhesive, 1K and 2K

  • Acoustic and thermal management
  • Rail noise and external noise absorbing
  • Vehicle protection against dirt, dust, moisture and vapors
  • Less weight compared to conventional materials
  • Recoatable for an optimal finish
  • Compatible with many substrates
  • K1 has a very good adhesion on many materials without primers and a TÜV certificate
  • K2 can also be used at lower temperatures in the outer region


  • Aluminium roof sheets, Painted aluminum trim
  • Composite or aluminum side plates
  • Trunks, Flooring / Carpets
  • Attachments and spoiler adhesive
  • Plastic bonding

BETAMATE ™ 2096 Epoxy, 2K

  • Excellent adhesion to automotive steels, including coated steels and prepared aluminum
  • Helps to increase or restore the rigidity and crash stability of the vehicle
  • High resistance of the adhesive and bonding
  • Suitable for sealing and thus protects both the metal and welds from corrosion
  • Combatible with other thermal and mechanical joining processes


  • Developed specifically for use as a repair adhesive
  • The adhesive is applied to increase the durability, the crash stability of the vehicle and the stiffness


BETAFORCE™, 2K, Structural and high-modulus adhesive for lightweight composite materials

  • Fast strength development
  • Excellent mechanical behavior
  • A combination of high modulus and high elongation at break
  • Very good stability of adhesive beads
  • Reducing and avoiding rivets, bolts or mechanical fasteners


  • High adhesion to metal and non-metallic substrates
  • Structural: cab, roof modules
  • Lightweight materials: carbon fiber, PC, glass, aluminum

b) Sealing systems for sealing joints, for filling joints and underbody protection

With Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa you will find quality products for sealing, filling and bonding lightweight materials in rail vehicles. As body seams are sealed, they offer more protection against corrosion and hold dust, dirt and moisture from the inside of the vehicle. They also provide better adhesion, acoustics and thermals.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Prevention of rails noise and external noise
  • Automatic application, coatable
  • Permanent elasticity


  • Inner lining seams, seam sealing for glass roofs, visual enhancement of visible seams inside and outside
  • Gap filling between trim panels, panels for insulation of impacts and vibrations
  • Sealing of aluminum components, lightweight materials, frames of wood, metal and plastic or window frames
  • Sealing bulkhead and fixation of door panels, mudguards and wheel arches



BETAFILL™ Sealant for seam sealing, 1K, based on polyurethane

  • Permanent elasticity, paintable, spreadable, silicone-free
  • Water and weather resistant, corrosion resistant
  • Vibration and shock absorption
  • Available in white, gray and black


  • Sealing of lightweight construction materials
  • Use as a layer component for absorbing shocks and vibrations
  • Sealing of wood, metal, plastic, door frames and frame rails
  • Used to seal the cross plate
  • Sealing of dirt sheets and wheel arches

BETAGUARD ™, sealant, under-filling sealant, cavity protection

  • Protects the vehicle cabin from moisture, dirt, dust and fumes
  • Reduces vibration and improves the vehicle acoustics


  • Underbody and cavity protection for bodywork, trim, coating
  • Inner seam sealing in flooring, passenger and engine compartments
  • Outside seam sealing for flooring, hood and doors
  • Spot welding pastes

BETAMATE™ 31, Adhesive and sealant based on POP (polyoxypropylene)
BETAMATE™ 32, Sealant on MS hybrid polymer-basis


  • Moisture-curing
  • Excellent UV stability
  • No release of carbon dioxide during the curing
  • Non-conductive, coatable
  • Low odor, high strength
  • Colour: white or black


  • Versatile for various sealing applications and substrates without primer