Pre and after treatment of adhesive surfaces automotive industry

Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa offers appropriate products to pre-and post-treatment of surfaces with for example plastic / glass bonding agents for polyurethanes, plastics and metals can be a significant factor for an optimal adhesion.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quick drying primer, 30 seconds after spray application, 3 minutes after felt application
  • Long open time up to 3 months allows the surface activation for the supplier
  • Corrosion protection primer, UV-stabilized
  • One-step priming on glass and ceramic screen printing


  • By changing climate stressed compounds in vehicle
  • Improved adhesion for bonding glass and ceramic-glass
  • Metal bonding
  • Remaining PU adhesive beads
  • Paint surfaces





BETACLEAN™ PU-remover, glass/plastic/coatings cleaner

  • Secure and fast cleaning
  • Promotes faster chemical bond between primer and adhesive
  • Meets the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer for glazing


  • Cleaner for metal, glass, plastic, coatings
  • Removal of PU and epoxy residues
  • Degreasing of dirt residues
  • Cleaning activators specifically for plastics
  • Also for the repair market

BETAPRIME™ Primer for all surfaces to be bonded

  • Excellent UV stability
  • Easy to use, simplified activation of the surfaces
  • Faster chemical bond between primer and adhesive
  • Complies with the manufacturers´ specifications
  • For original equipment and for repair and meets current safety standards


  • Different primer for glass, metal, plastic, coatings, ceramics etc.
  • For use by the manufacturer and the repair market
  • Components of direct glazing system

BETAWIPE™ Cleaner / activator, primer for coatings, polyurethane adhesive sealants and encapsulations

  • Open time: 10 minutes
  • Based on silane, solor: colorless to pale yellow, transparent
  • For original equipment and for repair and meets current safety standards


  • Reactivates cut back PUR, PAAS, PUR and PVC remaining beads
  • For the repair market
  • Component of direct glazing system

BETABRADE F1™ Abrasive silicone remover

  • White, water-based cleaner for glass and ceramic screen printing contaminated with silicone
  • The treated glass surface is not scratched or damaged


  • Especially in the wheel repair business silicone dirty screens are a big Problem

BETACARE™ Special hand cleaner

  • Soap-free special hand cleaner with very powerful cleaning action to remove remaining dirt of coatings, resins and other strongly adhering dirt
  • Has a particularly good skin compatibility in product class "Special hand cleaner"