Silicones car automotive

Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa offers a broad product portfolio of silicones for bonding and sealing in automotive and automotive construction: elastomers, rubbers, one-component, two-component, always tailored to your application.

Silicones car automotive
Silastic® Silicone and Fluorosilicone for heat- and fuel-resistant sealing, gasketing and other durable, fabricated components used in a wide range of automotive applications.

Dow Corning® Adhesives and Sealants for high-strength component-assembly bonding and long-lasting seals and gaskets.

Xiameter® Adhesives and Sealants for high-strength component-assembly bonding and long-lasting seals and gaskets.




CAF 1 and CAF 1 Extra Fluid
CAF 1 and CAF 1 Extra Fluid are one-component room temperature curing silicone elastomers and mainly used in sealing and bonding applications in which low viscosity is required.

  • Sealing of electrical heating elements (CAF 1 Extra Fluid)
  • Engine sealing in automotive after sales service (CAF 1)

CAF 33
CAF 33 is a room temperature curing silicone Elastomer, specifically used in various industries for bonding / sealing:

  • In-situ gaskets for engines
  • Bonding / sealing of sunroofs

CAF 30
CAF 30 is a one-component silicone elastomer that cures at room temperature and is mainly used for commercial customers and product can withstand considerable difference extensions.

  • Bonding / sealing in different industrial applications
  • Sealing of heat sources (ovens, heat exchangers, steam systems, water heaters)
  • Bonding of HTV silicones
  • General applications for maintenance and repair purposes in the field of automotive

CAF 50
CAF 50 is a one component silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature, designed for industrial customers. It meets the requirements for quality and cost effectiveness in sealing and bonding in the automotive industry (engine). CAF 50 is the ideal rubber for bonding and / or sealing of materials of various kinds.

  • Automotive and transportation vehicles
  • Sealing of motor housings and hoods
  • Sealing of water pump housing, oil and air filters
  • Bonding of the main and additional headlights
  • Suction lines, air conditioning, gears
  • Sealing / bonding of electrical and electronic components

CAF 730
CAF 730 is a thixotropic component silicone rubber curing at room temperature and under the influence of humidity.
The product is particularly suited for bonding, protection and maintenance.
It is recommended for:

  • Flexible bonding and protection of electronic components
  • Flexible connection / bonding between parts of metal and / or plastics
  • Repair / maintenance in the industries and automotive transportation

CAF 5552 S
CAF 5552 S is a non-flowing one-component silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature, for bonding and assembling metal or plastic engineering components, resistant to high working temperatures, in occasional or prolonged contact with inorganic lubricants or where weather resistance is required.
Examples of applications:

  • Sealing car engine or machine components, transmissions, hydraulic systems and oil-bath cooled equipment such as transformers, heaters and condensers
  • Repairing and after-market
  • Bonding casings, beacon lights and emergency lights in extreme conditions
  • Bonding sliding windows, fixing aerials and electronic component, assembling heating modules, encapsulating electric contacts, heat insulation

RHODORSEAL 5651 AXAD Grey is a room temperature curing two-component silicone rubber.
The product is mainly used for filling and bonding when rapid crosslinking, high mechanical performance (compression set, resistance to engine oils) and high bonding quality is required.
It is the ideal rubber for sealing / filling in the automotive and industrial market

  • Engine seals of the oil and water circuits in the motor vehicle
  • Form-in-place gaskets (dry seals, removable): cylinder head cover etc.
  • Gaskets (or Cure-in-Place gasket CIPG, wet seals): oil sump,water pump etc
  • Bonding of window regulators

RHODORSEAL 5661 is a thixotropic one-component silicone rubber with cross-linking at room temperature and under the influence of humidity. It has been specially developed to meet the high requirements in the field of sealing in the transportation industry. Its mechanical properties and its composition make it an ideal product for long lasting seals in contact with lubricants or aggressive engine fluids.
It is particularly suitable for sealing by the so-called technology "Cure-in-place gasket" (CIPG), and the "form-in-place gasket" of the following parts:
Division level packaging, tubs, covers, housings, storage tanks, inspection flaps, primary reduction gearings, differential gear, tanks, hydraulic parts, diesel engines, engine parts in the engine compartment, drive parts, pumps, turbines, compressors and compounds for industrial piping.