Pre and after treatment of adhesive surfaces for bus, truck and other commercial vehicles

Through innovative and high-quality materials such as structural adhesives glazing systems for the construction of buses, trucks and commercial vehicles have become integral parts of the vehicle structure and fulfill the specified security requirements worldwide. Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa offers the appropriate products to pre-and post-treatment of surfaces.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quick drying primer, 30 seconds after spray application, 3 minutes after felt application
  • Long open time up to 3 months allows the surface activation for the supplier
  • Corrosion protection primer, UV-stabilized
  • One-step priming on glass and ceramic screen printing


  • By changing climate stressed compounds in vehicle
  • Improved adhesion for bonding glass and ceramic-glass
  • Metal bonding
  • Remaining PU adhesive beads
  • Paint surfaces





BETAWIPE™ Cleaner / activator, primer for coatings, polyurethane adhesive sealants and encapsulations

  • Open time: 10 minutes
  • Based on silane, solor: colorless to pale yellow, transparent
  • For original equipment and for repair and meets current safety standards


  • Reactivates cut back PUR, PAAS, PUR and PVC remaining beads
  • For the repair market
  • Component of direct glazing system

BETAPRIME™ Primer for all surfaces to be bonded

  • Excellent UV stability
  • Easy to use, simplified activation of the surfaces
  • Faster chemical bond between primer and adhesive
  • Complies with the manufacturers´ specifications
  • For original equipment and for repair and meets current safety standards


  • Different primer for glass, metal, plastic, coatings, ceramics etc.
  • For use by the manufacturer and the repair market
  • Components of direct glazing system

BETACLEAN™ PU-remover, glass/plastic/coatings cleaner

  • Secure and fast cleaning
  • Promotes faster chemical bond between primer and adhesive
  • Meets the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer for glazing


  • Cleaner for metal, glass, plastic, coatings
  • Removal of PU and epoxy residues
  • Degreasing of dirt residues
  • Cleaning activators specifically for plastics
  • Also for the repair market

BETABRADE F1™ Abrasive silicone remover

  • White, water-based cleaner for glass and ceramic screen printing contaminated with silicone
  • The treated glass surface is not scratched or damaged


  • Especially in the wheel repair business silicone dirty screens are a big problem

BETACARE™ Special hand cleaner

  • Soap-free special hand cleaner with very powerful cleaning action to remove remaining dirt of coatings, resins and other strongly adhering dirt
  • Has a particularly good skin compatibility in product class "Special hand cleaner"