Foams for sound insulation and reinforcement of bus, truck and other commercial vehicles - Designed for acoustic or thermal insulation properties

Cavity foaming systems (acoustic and structure)
The sprayable systems offered by Bodo Möller Chemie South Africa mainly based on polyurethane are injected into busses, trucks and other commercial vehicle cavities to achieve a reliable shielding against air noise (acoustic systems). A very good increase of the rigidity by reinforcing structure foams results in weight saving and improvement of crash performance, since it can be designed and constructed with smaller wall thicknesses and without any additional reinforcing parts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Acoustic seal for preventing noise caused by resonance in busses, trucks and commercial vehicle cavities
  • Improvement of stiffness and deformation behavior during impact
  • Application
  • Is injected into busses and trucks cavities, including pillars, sills and the roof frame, to protect reliably against wind noise and / or to act as an impact protection for the frame structure





FROTHPAK ™, Polyurethane spray foam

  • Portable kit with a two-component polyurethane system
  • Two pressure vessels, which are connected via hoses with a dosing
  • Quick and easy production of PUR foam for direct application in high quality for various applications


  • Roof, wall and floor borders and sound dampening in busses, trucks and other commercial vehicles

BETAFOAM™ Sprayable polyurethane-based reinforcement systems, noise control systems, acoustic foams

  • Is injected into vehicle cavities, including posts, sills and roof frame to close off reliably against wind noise and / or to act as an impact protection for the frame structure