Resin Systems

In the aerospace sector, manufacturers use very high quality resin systems already subject to widened quality requirements. Most of these resin systems possess optimized fire properties and OEMs (Airbus/Boeing) have approved them for special application cases.

Self-extinguishing resin systems

  • Resin systems for the manufacturing and repair of composites
  • Suitable for hand laminates, fibre windings and RTM
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Airbus/Boeing qualification
  • Partial CARC approval (Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee)


  • Epocast 50-A1/9816
  • Epocast 52-A/B
  • Epocast 54-A/B

Resin systems for gliders/motor gliders

  • Low viscosity for hand laminates, RTM or winding engineering
  • Room temperature hardening
  • High mechanical properties, tempering already at 50°C
  • Approved through LBA for carbon/glass fibre composites


  • Araldite LY 5052/HY5052