Molykote® brand Smart Lubrication™ solutions

You can count on Molykote® brand specialty lubricants from Dow Dupont to help get the job done right in automotive, industrial assembly and maintenance lubrication. These Smart Lubrication solutions can help control friction and wear to save energy, extend lubrication intervals to reduce maintenance, and enhance equipment reliability to maintain productivity.

Molykote® brand Smart Lubrication™ solutions


Anti-Seize Pastes
High levels of lubricating solids in oil for high loads.

Lubricating Oils and Dispersions
Synthetic or mineral blends with special additives.

Lubricating Solids and Powders
Specialized additives for industrial friction-control.

Industrial Greases
Semi-solid lubricants for severe-duty industrial use.

Anti-Friction Coatings
Long-lasting dry-film bonded lubrication.

Silicone Compounds
Grease like materials for sealing and lubricating.


  • Automotive Components Lubrication
  • Automotive Manufacturing 
  • Bus, Truck and Rail
  • Energy Generation 
  • Facility Infrastructure 
  • Heavy Industry 
  • Sugar Mills
  • Mining
  • Food and Beverage Machinery 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Chemical and Petrochemical 
  • Water Management 
  • Appliances 
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul 
  • Wind Energy


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