Trickle resin

Through impregnation with resins, cavities and cavities between the windings of the wires can be closed and sealed. Through this, better isolation is obtained and through the fixing of the wires around the windings, vibrations are minimized. With this procedure, the thermal conductivity can be increased, the protection against exterior (environmental) influences improved and a binding effect on the lamination created.

Criteria for a high-quality impregnation:

  • Complete penetration of the resin into existing holes
  • No bubbles in the winding mass
  • Creates a bond on the lamination
  • No resin residues on shafts and sheets

2K drop resin on an epoxide resin basis, curing with increased temperature

  • Liquid 2-component drop resin system, solvent-free and free of DDM
  • Impregnation and mechanical compression of electric motor windings for small capacities below 500 Watt and multiple KW.
  • Small rotors and stators
  • Homogenous, adhered, mechanical and electric high quality winding impregnation with good thermal capacity

We offer:

  • Araldite CY236/ Aradur XB5979 for rotors with thin wires
  • Araldite CY 246/Aradur XB 5911 for rotors of up to several KW-capacity