Casting resins for the manufacture of insulators

2-component epoxide resin

The epoxide resins for the isolator production have a very high mineral content, which results in a high viscosity (low fluidity). Affected by this guideline, the casting resins are preferably handled in a vacuum or in the pressure gelation process. The pressure gelation process equalizes the chemical volume loss, which occurs during curing.

The handling occurs with increased temperatures in order to obtain the corresponding flowing properties.
The high filling content is needed so that the moulding material comes as closest as possible to the heat expansion coefficients of the metal. The casting resins can be divided primarily into three groups:

  • Cycloaliphatic epoxide resins: UV-stabile and self-healing with a spark over
    Araldite CY 184/HY 1235/DY 062/silica dust
    Araldite XB 5918-3/XB 5919-3
  • Bisphenol A epoxide resins: Standard
    CY 228-1/HY 918/DY 062/silica dust
    CW 229-3/HW 229-1
  • Impact resistant modified epoxide resins: inhibited crack growth
    CY 5995/HY 5995/silica dust
    Araldite XB 5915/XB 5916

Core area of difficult electronic applications:
• Generators and motors
• High voltage transformers
• Isolators and sockets
• Dry distribution transformers
• Switchboards