Impregnating resin for inductive windings (e.g. generators, motors, inductivities)

Araldite-casting and impregnating resins cure without the splitting of volatile substances and result in end products, with extremely low waste, with advantageous electrical and mechanical properties. Thus, they are ideal for the impregnating of high voltage windings. Primarily, there is a difference made between impregnating resins needed for viscosity impregnation and thus requiring high immersion bath storage stability and the impregnating resins which are handled with the classic atmosphere or vacuum casting.

We offer:

Impregnation resin for immersion impregnation

  • MY 790/HY 1102/DY 9577/DY 073-1, class H (180°C)
  • XD 4410, class F (150°C) TI 179°C

Impregnating resin for casting

  • Araldite F/HY 905/DY 062, hard
  • Araldite F/CY 208/HY 905/DY 062, flexible
  • Araldite CY 179/HT 907/DY 072, very low viscosity, UV-resistant and very high heat stability