Silicone elastomers for the Electrical industry

Liquid silicone elastomers are used often in the Electrical and Electronic industries, especially when protection of components against harmful environmental effects is required. Polyaddition curing systems are the preferred insulating materials for these applications. They offer excellent dielectric properties, mechanical strength, shock resistance, moisture resistance, excellent adhesion properties, aging and chemical resistance. Our RTV-2 silicone elastomers are room temperature curing systems for all types of potting, casting, impregnating or dipping.

RT Gels are 2-component silicone oils curing by polyaddition reaction. A low level of viscosity allows a very easy mixing of the components. After two components mixing, the very fluid liquid is transformed after curing into a self elastic, translucent gel which is preferable used in insulating and electrical parts protection.

We offer pastes which are made of polydimethyl siloxanic oil thickened with inert fillers. These pastes are mainly used as sealants and electrical insulants.

  • Rhodorsil®/Bluesil™ RTV 2 Two component silicone elastomer
  • Rhodorsil®/Bluesil™ Pastes Silicone pastes