2-component epoxy resin, curing at room temperature

Room temperature curing epoxide resin is cured with amine. With the filled epoxide resins, heat conducive and self-extinguishing (UL94 V0) casting resins are available. With larger casting volumes, filled epoxide resins are preferred to unfilled, because a lower reaction heat arises through the filled material. Lower heat expansion coefficients are obtained with the filled epoxide resins as well.
The advantage of an unfilled epoxide resin is primarily the better fluidity and simpler handling. Filled casting resins must be stirred before handling and maybe heated up to reach the flowing properties, this is not necessary with unfilled epoxide resin.

Depending on the requirements, casting resin with the following properties can be obtained:

  • Long pot times (processing time)
  • Excellent impregnability or capillary properties
  • High electrical isolation capability
  • Wonderful mechanical properties from very hard and pressure-resistant to impact-resistant and flexible
  • Excellent thermal long-term resistance. Depending on the type up to 180°C continual temperature resistance.
  • High glass transition temperatures. Heat form resistance up to 100°C
  • High chemical resistance

We offer:

  • Filled epoxide resin with UL 94 V0 permission
    Araldite CW 2243-2L Blue / HY 2966, flexible
    Araldite CW 2250-1/HY 2251, low viscosity
    Araldite CW 1302/HY 1300, high temperature resistance and heat conducive
  • Unfilled transparent epoxide resins
    MY 740/HY 840-1, viscous, high chemical resistance
    Araldite DBF/HY 956, low viscosity and impact resistant
    Araldite CY 221/HY 2966, very low viscosity and flexible