Composites, Mould-making

Gelcoats for the design and protection of surfaces of components made of fibre reinforced plastics

  • Polyester bonding Gelcoats
  • Epoxide resins bonding Gelcoats
  • Sandable Gelcoats
  • Topcoats

A gelcoat is distinguished as a hard lacquer, which is applied on fibre-reinforced or casted form parts as a protective layer. The gelcoat protects the paint below it from environmental influences by sealing the fibre glass reinforced plastic and protecting it from moisture and pressure damages. Furthermore, the gelcoat gives the parts a comfortable and optically appealing appearance. If gelcoats are used in interiors, sustainable and optically appealing surfaces are relatively simple to maintain. In contrast, there may be problems with outdoor applications like colour changes, bleaching, loss of gloss or wear if the gelcoat is not made for the application. This applies in particular to shipbuilding.
Our Scott Bader Crystic Gelcoats have a very high quality and have been known for their quality and reliability worldwide for more than 60 years. Through their excellent weather-resistant properties, the Crystic Gelcoats have proven to be ideal for boat and vehicle construction, construction and transport, for chemical-resistant applications and for wind energy, piping and pipeline restoration. Crystic Gelcoats are easy to use and ideal for obtaining level surfaces. They are designed so that the lacquer has a low porosity, which in turn makes repairs easier. Crystic Gelcoats are very flexible and withstand deformation, even with complicated mould parts, without crack formation. Since the initial gloss is very high, the polishing takes less time.
All gelcoats must pass a strict, twelve-month test before they are included in the product range. We offer a comprehensive product assortment of gelcoats in hand and injection quality, which includes all types of gelcoats like ISO/NPG gelcoats, fire-resistant gelcoats, grindable gelcoats, gelcoats for mould construction, topcoats, barrier coats and epoxide-adhering gelcoats.

  • Crystic® LS 88PA Isophthalic brush gelcoat with excellent water resistance
  • Crystic® LS 96PA ISO spray gelcoat with good handling properties
  • Crystic® 30PA Ultimate superior weathering gelcoat (Iso/NPG) with excellent water resistance
  • Crystic® 48PA Fire retardant gelcoat
  • Crystic® 42PA Sandable gelcoat for easy and precise abrasion
  • Crystic® 14PA Superior tooling gelcoat with excellent heat and chemical resistance and superior gloss
  • Crystic® X 103KH Topcoat with low viscosity which cures tack-free
  • Crystic® GC 251PA Gelcoat for use with epoxy laminating and infusion systems
  • Crestacoat 5000PA Barriercoat for improving surface aesthetic