2 or more component epoxy resins for the fabrication of fibre reinforced plastics (structural composites) and coatings

  • Epoxy resins
  • Phenolic resins
  • Amino and anhydride systems
  • Formulated resin-hardener systems
  • Polyamidoimide (protective lacquer)
  • Polyimide
  • Bismaleimide resins
  • Single-component epoxy resin systems
  • Epoxy resins

Fibre-reinforced plastics are of great importance during the production of highly stressable CFK or GFK components. Fibre-reinforced composites combine properties and contain design possibilities, which are not possible with conventional composites. We offer high-quality resin systems, which are important in medical technology, electronic industry, sport device production and many other industries. The requirements for materials have increased in the past years for fibre composite systems. Araldite epoxide resin and phenol resin systems are clearly superior to other types of resin in the properties important for high-quality components (tenacity, rigidity, shrinkage, elongation, temperature). Bodo Möller Chemie offers resin systems for the production of prepregs, for the RTM processing technologies (Resin Transfer Moulding / resin injection procedure) and Resin 16 Infusion, along with wet lay up, filament winding and pultrusion. Expanding materials are used in light construction, for example, mould parts are made of natural fibre in which the epoxy resin foams into a form and penetrates the fibre mats. The molecular structure of epoxide resin systems is a linear chain with reactive epoxy groups on the ends, which are responsible for the bonding with the hardener.

We offer hot and cold curing systems. Epoxide resins can react with different hardeners, that is why premade products can be offered, or so-called building blocks, which allow for a variety of resin/hardener combinations and permit a lot of freedom while formulating the system.

1. Araldite® Epoxy resins
a. LY >> Epoxy matrix material
b. MY >>Trifunctional, multifunktional epoxy resins
c. LT >> CTBN Thermoset epoxy resins
d. PY >> Bisphenol F epoxy monomers

2. Araldite® Phenol resins
a. EPN >> Polyfunctional phenolnovolak glycidilether
b. ECN >> Novolac epoxy resin
c. DY >> Reactive flexibilisators

3. Aradur® >> Curing systems usually amino based
4. Araldite® / Aradur® >> Formulated resin-hardener systems
5. Rhodeftal® >> Polyamidoimide (protective lacquer)
6. Matrimid® >> Polyimide
7. Kerimid® >> Bismaleimide resins
8. Qatrex® >> Single-component epoxy resin systems
9. Tactix® >> Bisphenol A epoxy, hydrocarbon epoxy novolac resin