Devices for the tool manufacture and moulding

Filling materials

Filling materials with special functions are very widespread in the electrical industry. For epoxy resin and other casting resins, we offer aluminium oxide, aluminium hydroxide, dolomite, mica, chalk, talc, silica dust and wollastonite.

Colour pastes

Highly viscose, solvent-free special colour pastes serve for the colouring of epoxide and polyurethane castings and moulds of all types.

  • Araldite® DW Colour pastes

Mould release agents

Separating agents are now indispensable auxiliary aids. We deliver waxen, silicone-free separating agents for cold and warm cured systems and mould sealer to seal plastics, rubber, wax and more.

Wax sheets

For the formation of distance layers, we offer self-adhesive wax foils in different strengths.

  • Freeman wax sheet® thermostable wax sheets