Adhesives, Sealants

1-component polyurethane adhesives

The one-component adhesives consist prepolymers containing isocyanates, which harden when moistened. This reaction can take place in a temperature range from 5° to 40° C., but a relative humidity of 40% to 70% is necessary. After hardening, the adhesive joint has the elasticity of rubber. These systems are ideal when using materials that have a large variation in the rate of expansion under temperature and load, as for example in fixing windows in vehicles, or bonding GFK glass-fibre-parts to steel, and aluminium parts to a steel substrate.
In the automotive industry Betaseal ™ systems are the market leaders both for the direct glazing of vehicles and for glazing repairing. In addition to the appropriate adhesive systems, we offer all the necessary products for preparation and finishing, as well as the accessories required in the use of these proven window-fixing systems.

  • Betaseal 1-component polyurethane structural adhesive systems (Crest Chemicals: South African aftermarket BETASEAL™ supplier)
  • Betalink™ K1 1-component polyurethane structural adhesive systems
  • Betafill™ 1-component polyurethane structural adhesive systems