Vulcanizing Preperations

The range of Deovulc vulcanization accelerator contains balanced mixtures and single accelerator preparations, activators, stabilizer, retarder and sulfur preparations. Depending on the application can be realized conventional or nitrosamine-free cross linkings.

The Deovulc types are balanced mixtures accelerators for rubber products may show no blooming and no discoloration or contact discoloration.

  • Deovulc® Vulcanization Accelerator for EPDM and Diene-Rubbers

Deovulc single accelerator preparations are distinguished in that they can be dispersed dust-free and homogeneous and therefore help to avoid disturbances during weighing and mixing.

  • Deovulc® Single Accelerators

Deosulf sulfur preparations can be mixed in quickly and free of dust. It not forms agglomerates, which may cause overcure.

  • Deosulf® Sulfur Preparations

To optimize the flow time of rubber compounds, retarder can be used.

  • Deovulc® Retarder

The vulkanization stabilizer Deostab raises the level of crosslinking of calciumoxide containing gen extrudates markedly.

  • Deostab® Vulcanization Stabilizer