For over 100 years the term Faktice is associated with DOG in Hamburg. At the location in Hamburg in 1902 Faktice is since its founding developed and produced. DOG is now the largest Faktis producer in the world and has a wide range of different types. Faktice meet the various requirements of our customer demand. In the modern rubber processing Faktice is increasingly used as a special process additive to improve dimensional stability or haptics. The use of different base oils, e.g. rapeseed oil or castor oil, and a variety of different crosslinking (sulfur, peroxide, etc.) and the adaption to the specific product needs, lead to highly specific products which are used in different polymers.

Advantages and effects of Factice in rubber mixtures:

  • Improve the mixing process
  • Energy saving by lower mixing temperature
  • Faster plasticizer absorption and plasticizer larger binding capacity
  • Better surface quality and increased processing speed in the extrusion
  • Optimization of degassing, avoiding air entrapment
  • Reduction of cold flow
  • Improvement of the stability during extrusion
  • Better handling softer crude mixtures
  • Reduce the variations in compounding
  • Improving the dimensional stability in semi-finished and finished products
  • Improved surface properties
  • Better grindability
  • Improvement of dynamic crack resistance