Processing Aids

The use of processing agents has a long tradition in the rubber industry. They make a significant contribution to reducing the cost factors in the classical mixing process: energy consumption, mixing time, wear and tear. Increasing demands on the vulcanizates needs a wide range of products to improve the mixture. Extreme temperature resistance, high filling and ever faster cycle times are just a few of the challenges that have to face rubber processors today.

We offer a wide range of products as processing agents for different applications

  • Mastication / degradation of natural rubber
  • Homogenization / Tackifier
  • Plasticizer for polar elastomers
  • Dispersants and lubricants
  • Special processing promoters

The selection of the most effective processing agent is dependent on the types of rubber to be processed, the production methods and parameters as well as the specific requirements of the final product. The DOG-Chemie has developed in its own laboratories and in their R&D center at the Hamburg site a wide range of highly specific products. Our application engineers will be happy to advise you.

  • Dispergum® Zinc soaps as processing agents used as lubricants with viscosity-reducing effects
  • Dispergum® Peptizers
  • Deogum® Special Process Additives
  • Deoflow®/ Deosol® Zinc-free Dispersing Agents / Lubricants