Quality management according to EN 9120 for the aviation industry

The aviation and aerospace industry makes the highest demands on safety, quality and reliability. The companies themselves bear the full responsibility for the products manufactured for the aviation authorities and it is decisive to ensure quality along all the steps of the supply chain of the aviation and aerospace industry suppliers. The certification of the central warehouse in Offenbach according to EN 9120, Bodo Möller Chemie as specialty chemicals distributor proves that it complies with the high quality standards of the aviation and aerospace industry and is thereby a qualified partner for distributing and decanting chemicals for the sector.

EN 9120 describes the quality assurance requirements for distributors, warehousing and sale of aviation parts and thus covers the entire aviation and aerospace sector. Like all standards of the EN 9100 family, EN 9120 is also based on ISO 9001. Therefore, a certification according to EN 9120 also includes a certification according to ISO 9001. The EN 9100 series of standards encompass essentially the following standards:

  • Fully traceable recording process across the entire supply chain of a product
  • Definition of interfaces to customers and aviation authorities in the processes
  • Establishment, execution and documentation of verification and validation activities
  • Establishment, execution and documentation of initial sample tests

The EN/AS 9100 ff. series of standards was drafted jointly by the European Association of Aerospace Industries and the American Society of Automotive Engineers in 1999. Technically speaking, it corresponds to the SAE AS 9100/9110/9120 valid in the USA, and to the Japanese standard JISQ 9100. According to EN/AS 9100 ff., certified companies therefore meet the international standards of the aviation and aerospace industry.

Certificate EN 9120