Adhesives, Sealants

Our great portfolio of high quality adhesive and sealant systems provides manufacturing advantages for a quantity of applications and requirements. Thanks to experience , competence and know- how, we always have the best solution for you .

Composites, Mould-making

We offer high performance products for the model and mould-making industry that will convince you. Also we have for each of your application the right resin system for fibre composite material, whether for transportation, automotive, construction, marine, sports.


Long lasting Protection for coatings against environmental influences and mechanical strains the use of multifunctional resins and additives are necessary. In order to provide them with individual properties for your requirements we offer specific resins for different applications.



We supply raw materials for industrial rubber products. These provide long term durability and a high degree of safety. Our additives, release and vulcanization agents are used for manufacturing and processing of rubber goods.


Our resins for the electronics sector provide for long durability and environmental resistance. Further they work for professional encapsulation of transformers, high-voltage components and other electronic devices.

Performance Chemicals Automotive

We are specialists for high performance products in the automotive sector. You can find Adhesive systems , Polyurethane products and Sealing and Acoustic Solutions . These real specific products are tailor-made for your needs and individual applications.



Our Green line products show you double win: They bring benefits to the environment and also you will have green figures thanks to products that improve each of your processes, like industrial or business tasks, and also your quality and cost management .


We offer an extensive range of products for lubricant applications: corrosion protection additives, antioxidants, metal deactivators, anti-wear and high-pressure additives, so you can avoid losses by friction.


Here you can find high quality products and innovative solutions for the construction of cars, trucks, rail vehicles and marine applications, like sealing (structural) bonding, use of lightweight materials and much more.


Application Technology Services

Application technology services perfectly round off our powerful product range. We advise you in all application and process issues and support you with our extensive application technology know-how.